Mission Statement

The purpose of The Weedy Road is to share my experience, and my wisdom, with other folks who are taking this path.  I hope to give my readers a chance to explore alternative ideas by seeing how we are doing it.

What, you are asking, makes me such an expert?  Literally... nothing at all.  By nature, though, I am a cynic.  I can look back over my public school experience and pick out both good and bad.  I can look over my college experience and... tell you what not to do to your kids!  That is the sum total of my training.... unless you add in 12 years of experience as a parent.  I am the expert when it comes to these particular little people, and no one knows them better than I do.  If you've read my blog, you know we tried to work within the school system first, and know that they refused to teach in a way in which my daughter could learn.  I had to develop my own methods, not relying on how they teach or even how I learned.  Your reasons for homeschooling might be different, your journey will undoubtedly take you onto your own weedy road.

I'm writing this blog because I think WE are the ultimate experts.  I'm the expert on my kids, you are the experts on yours.  I do not pretend to have a better way for you, or for you to use to teach your kids.  I just offer... a different way.  A different outlook on how this works, a different set of ideas you could use, if you want.  Take what you need and leave the rest.

Have you ever considered why, if our understanding of brain development is as far along as they say it is, why is it that pedagogies change constantly?  There are the literacy wars and the math wars just to name the top two.  If the 'experts' know so much about kids, and about how kids learn, why can't they use what works and stick with it?  I propose that, although I have very specific opinions on both ideas, that it isn't the METHOD that doesn't work: it's the belief that all kids learn the same way.  It's the decided idea that if they just hit on the right lesson plan, all kids will be superstar learners.  I know, as you undoubtedly do, that kids aren't made with a cookie cutter.  Every single child is an individual, with individual needs, strengths and weaknesses, interests and aversions.  By opening a window into what helps with my own two little people, I'm offering up just one more method.  Sometimes, I follow a specific idea that is already mainstream because it WORKS for us.  Your mileage may vary.  But as I grow into my role as a homeschooling teacher, I  shift and change, constantly.  I adjust to make the lessons more fun, more pleasant, more succinct.  I trim off the extraneous stuff out of respect for my children, and try to maximize their learning experiences to the best of my ability.

And perhaps you'll think my blog is crap, think you have better ideas, think your opinions have more merit.  FANTASTIC!  Guess what?  These blogs are free!  Write down your ideas and post them up, let other homeschoolers hear what you have to say about your journey.  No need to argue with me at all, just post up your own (I don't get enough traffic to make arguing with me worth your time, anyway) and share your value with us.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog.  Don't forget to stop and admire the flowers that flourish here on the weedy road of homeschooling, where fewer folks dare to walk.  May your adventures be lively and your children achieve their goals!

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